It’s like a tailored suit.


The Audi A6 is a sedan with presence. It’s the A4′s larger, more refined brother. However, coming from the factory on a standard 18″ wheel and stock suspension does leave more to be desired from this business class sedan.

We started with a base model 3.0T A6 with the S-Line trim package and quickly went to work with the standard make over process.

First, we need to lower the car. KW H.A.S. (Height Adjustable Springs) were fitted to the car to give us the adjustability to tailor the ride height exactly where we wanted it. a 1.75″ drop all around will do just fine. Just remember to hem the cuffs.


Then we need to address the footwork. You can’t show up to a red carpet wearing sneakers. The 20″ RS6 replica wheels by Hartmann Wheels go perfect with the understated classiness of the A6. But it’s not always as simple as bolting on wheels and rolling away. We’ve fitted H&R Trak+ wheel spacers to these wheels to bring them right to the edge of the fenders.

Looking good is important, but sounding good is sometimes just as important. The 3.0L Supercharged V6 in the A6 begs for some acoustic assistance. AWE Tuning has that handled with their Touring Edition cat back exhaust. Now they will hear you coming.



Audi on Dubs.

Our A3 has gone through a little revamp. Swapping out our motorsport theme for a more OEM plus look.

20″ Hartmann wheels fill the wheel wells quite nicely.



Free Install on MK7 Milltek Catback systems!


Take advantage of our free installation. When you buy a Milltek catback for your MK7 GTI we’ll install it for free. Only available for in stock systems.



Built from the same high quality non-magnetic stainless steel as the race car systems, by the very same craftsmen, and in the exact same Derbyshire factory, these new parts may be podium-ready, but they have been designed to walk the fine line between power and refinement. Two cat-back versions are available, with one offering a resonated centre section and ECE approval, and the other being aimed at those looking for a slightly more purposeful soundtrack, thanks to its non-resonated centre section. Both systems flow equally and are based around a carefully optimised 3” (76mm) section tube for maximum power and torque gains with a refined throttle response throughout the rev range.

Take advantage of this sale while supplies last. Call or email to book an appointment! 604-944-0494,



First things first.

With the Q5 out of the RPI fleet, it’s time to focus our attention on the car that started it all. The GTI! 7 generations in and this car is still the most fun, bang for buck car out there.


Of course, our white 2 door version didn’t stay stock for long. no more than 12 hours after delivery, it was in the shop to get rid of the ugly wheel gap and have some new shoes bolted on to give it a little more pop on the street.


H&R Street performance coilovers give the GTI a much needed drop down to where most would agree it belongs. Of course, the coilover kit is adjustable, which makes it suitable for any ones needs.


To finish off today’s visit into the shop a set of bronze Neuspeed RSe10 wheels in 19×9″ were wrapped in Continental 225/35R19 tires and then mounted onto the car to give it some function and form.



Keep your eyes on this one. We’ve got more in store for this hot hatch




Your own personal caddy.


Introducing the RPI Wheel caddy. A convenient way to keep your wheel hardware all in one place. Most people have 2 different wheel sets for their car, one for summer, and one for winter. Many aftermarket wheels use special hardware leaving you with 2 different sets of wheel hardware for 2 sets of wheels.


How many times have you gone to put on your winter wheels only to realize that you’ve misplaced the hardware specific to your winter wheel setup? Now you’re stuck running around looking for a missing bolt or a wheel lock, or all of it.

The wheel caddy is an easy way to make sure you never end up missing a bolt or wheel lock. With enough room to fit all the hardware you will need for a set of wheels, the Wheel caddy easily attaches to the back of one of your wheels using it’s threaded plastic lug.


Now you can stack your wheel in your garage all winter long and not worry about running around when the spring comes looking for your missing wheel lock or that one lug bolt that you could have sworn was with the other 19 bolts.

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