APR DSG testimonial

We’ve had a lot of people ask us our opinions about the DSG software lately. Admittedly, we haven’t done the tune on our own car but have had a few customers come and get it done on theirs. Here’s Brandon’s quick little review on the DSG tune from APR.


“I came in twice this summer, first to get an APR Stage 1 ECU tune for my 2010 TT-S, then more recently to receive the APR DSG tune after some noticeable gear mismatches and jerky boost onset, especially in Drive. I promised to follow up and so here it is!

I am happy to report that the terribly fast upshifts and near refusal to downshift, especially in Drive, is all but gone after the DSG tune. Whereas stock had me shifting at hard set points, regardless of conditions like engine load and what not, now the car shifts at times that make total sense, especially in tune with throttle position. Now that gears are perfectly matched, I also don’t take my neck out with sudden jolts forward when boost kicks in; everything is smooth, predictable and fully under my control.

Sport mode also now makes a lot of sense. At stock, the daily drive in Sport would again have me shifting at set points, regardless of engine load and throttle input. Partial throttle still had me aggressively shifting at high RPM. It was admittedly kind of fun at first but objectively speaking way too aggressive and definitely not good for the car in the long run.
The DSG tune again places shifting more in line with how much power I am demanding from the throttle, and again, power delivery is linear, smooth, and fully dictated by my right foot. Sport is now completely comfortable to drive in while going to work, but still hilariously fun on an open road.

Given my experience, I would advise any future tuners to definitely mate their ECU tunes with a proper and appropriate TCU tune. The car is definitely running with the added power as if it was meant to be right out the factory.

As for you guys, you were friendly, accommodating, easy going and informative. Couldn’t ask for more in terms of service, and I look forward to future tunes in your capable hands!

See you on the road!”

- Brandon Jackson


Chasing oil leaks!

Oil leaks can sometimes be a pain to eliminate. What might seem like a leak from one place may actually be a bigger leak from a different place.

It is important to have your car serviced regularly to monitor the condition of your car and take care of things like oil leaks before they get worse. Today, we’re replacing a valve cover gasket, an oil filter housing seal, and an oil cooler seal. Say good-bye to weekly oil top ups!!


Throwback Thursday

We had a bit of 90′s nostalgia in the shop when this clean example of a MK3 rolled in for some repairs.


Hella Dual round headlights, Bonrath badgeless grille, Azev Type A’s, and Mattig cup mirrors! Anyone who grew up tuning VW’s in the 90′s like we did knows how much of a gem these parts are individually, but to see them all neatly packaged onto a clean Dusty Mauve VR6 GTI makes it even more impressive.


Is 90′s styling considered old school?


Give me a Brake.

Did you know you can save money by doing your brakes at RPI Equipped!?


Most dealerships charge an arm and a leg for brake replacements. At RPI, we use OE replacement parts, and we also offer aftermarket upgrades. If you hate the brake dust your factory brakes leave behind, you could try moving to a Hawk HPS brake pad set. They offer low dust and tons of bite. In most cases, they are almost the same price as a factory pad set.


We also offer a variety of big brake upgrades if you’re into that kind of thing.

Give us a call and see how much we can save you compared to the dealer.



We can fix that…


We can replace your worn out exhaust with factory replacements. Even if you accidentally drive over an angle grinder that is plugged in and somehow bounces up into your undercarriage and goes berserk on your exhaust and chopped pieces of it off for fun, we can fix that too…