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If you’ve been living under a rock for the last year and a half, then you’ll be surprised to know that Audi has released an All-New A3 Sedan for North America. Paying homage to the original A4 (B5 chassis, 1997-2001), Audi has brought back the small 4 door sedan that the A4 started out as. Boasting a plethora of new technology and a fantastic new design, the A3 is a stunner.

RPI is the first to get our hands on one locally. In typical RPI fashion, we wasted no time putting our personal touches on the car. 

audi-a3-4 audi-a3-2A set of Rotiform VCE squeeze nicely under the fenders wrapped in Nitto NT-05 tires (because racecar). Keeping things planted are a set of H&R Street Performance Coilovers, and to give extra stance factor, some H&R Trak+ wheel spacers help push the wheels out to maximize flushness.

If the custom finished wheels with Audi Quattro racing livery weren’t a dead giveaway that we appreciate Audi’s motorsport heritage, the new RPI door stripes should seal the deal. If you look closely, we also installed an H&R Quicksafe Stud conversion, for the quickest tire rotations possible!


This is just the beginning. As more support rolls out for this new sedan, we will keep you posted on the progress of this new RPI project.


Do it right. Do it once.

Often we see cars come into the shop that have previously been somewhere else for a repair or installation. Once in a while, we find things that have been installed incorrectly, or that a lack of attention was used when working on the vehicle.

At RPI, our technicians pride themselves on doing it right the first time. If it takes longer, that’s because it’s done the right way. Today, we had the pleasure of installing a new suspension on a customers VW Jetta. However, what we found during the install would make any enthusiast think twice about who they leave their car with.


The first thing we noticed was that the wheels are all bolted on with mis matched wheel bolts.
In this particular instance, the customer is using 8mm wheel spacers on the rear, but the wheel bolts are still factory length. That’s a big no-no. With the wheel bolts that came off the car, the rear wheels were secured by 2 threads of the bolt. If that’s the amount of care one puts into doing something as simple as bolting wheels on, you might start to wonder if the wheel bolts were even properly torqued on.

During the removal of the front strut, Travis noticed that the ball joints were secured with mismatched hardware.
One side still has the OEM nuts (right) but the other side is using some nyloc nuts and washers (left). I guess they lost one set of nuts and grabbed the next best thing…

When it came to taking out the upper strut mount hardware we noticed one of the bolts kept spinning and spinning. That’s not suppose to happen because the strut mounts have threaded inserts.
strut mount
Well, I suppose when the threads got stripped out it was easier to replace it with a nut and bolt than to replace the broken strut mount. I guess Home Depot doesn’t sell VW strut mounts.

The icing on the cake was the previous spring install. This is something that is fairly straight forward and something that any technician that’s been on the job longer than 30 seconds should know. The strut has a spring seat where the end of the spring sits. This is to prevent the spring from rotating/binding when turning and also ensures you have the proper ride height when you have the car all bolted together. The rear springs were installed upside down.
This spring install was most likely performed in a rush and the amount of attention required to properly do the install just wasn’t used.

Since we take pride in our work we will be fixing these little issues. The next time this car has to be worked on, you won’t hear a technician losing his mind at how careless the last person who touched the car must have been.
So the next time you’re comparing labour pricing, consider where you are taking it and if they will take as much pride in their work as RPI has since the 80′s.

Do it right. Do it once.


Brake time!

RPI specializes in performance upgrades for your Audi or Volkswagen. When it comes to regular maintenance, why not get something back from your car? RPI Performance brake packages make your routine brake jobs more exciting. Cross drilled Power slot rotors and Hawk HPS brake pads offer performance stopping power and low dust convenience. Our Performance brake packages include rotors, pads, and installation.

Call now to book an appointment. Factory replacement parts are also available. Email for pricing.


Turn it up.

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Fat Trak Tiguan

This R-Line Tiguan came in to get his stance widened. A set of 25mm H&R Trak+ Spacers bolt on behind the wheels to get the wheels out another inch on each corner.
The new setup fills out those nice R-Line flares perfectly.