Capable Q5

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This Q5 has been outfitted with a KW H.A.S. (Height Adjustable Spring) kit to tailor the height exactly to the owners liking without losing the factory equipped electronic dampers and ride control. To fill in the wheel wells, a set of staggered fitment BBS CH-RII in black wrapped in Continental ContiSport Contacts will do the trick. Out back the bumper houses a subtle hitch install and AWE Touring Edition Catback exhaust. To help slow things down, the front brakes have been swapped out in favour of RS5 calipers and two piece rotors. Under the hood, the 3.0T is bumped up to 393hp and 400tq care of APR's dual pulley upgrade and software making this Q5 one very comfortable highway hauler for family road trips or just a quick weekend away.

Everybody loves good S6.

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A gentleman's rocket ship. Audi certainly has a wild sense of humor. Why buy a super car, when you can buy an S6 and spend a few thousand bucks to make it more capable than their flagship supercar and most of the others out there too? The twin turbo V8 power plant in this S6 has been chipped with APR software which kicks the car up to 11 and serves up 563 horsies with a whopping 627ft/lb of torque.

To help keep the power planted, we've outfitted this car with Michelin Pilot Sports wrapped over BBS CI-R wheels in 20x10. The suspension has been lowered via H&R's ETS suspension module which retains the factory air ride and controls.

An AWE Track Edition catback exhaust has been fitted to help people distinguish this as an "A6" you don't want to mess with. To compliment the white paint work, the window trims have been wrapped in gloss black and the front grille has been replaced with an RS mesh grille. The rear valance has been painted black to match and the rear emblem has been painted body colour to give a nice embossed effect to the four rings that we all know and love.

R8ted M, for mature.

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It's not every day that we modify an R8, but when we do, it's because our aesthetic is in line with the owners goals of creating a timeless looking car that will still create lasting impressions in the minds of curbside onlookers.

This R8 has been equipped with a set of H&R Sport Springs which lower the car ever so slightly to eliminate some of the factory delivered wheel gap and still retain enough ground clearance that you can still manage your way into the parkade in your downtown condo. The wheels are the most notable change and are provided in the way of a set of Forged 2 piece Monolook wheels from Rotiform. The QLB is a very detailed spoke design which gives a nod to the old school mesh style wheels of the 80's and 90's but sharpens the lines and lends its design to the bold sharp curves of the R8.

To prepare pedestrians for a snapchat or instagram post, the R8 has been fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust so they'll be sure to hear it coming from a few blocks away. But if you choose to sneak up on your valet as you approach your destination, the Akrapovic system comes with an optional remote system that can close the valves and tame the loud pipes.

To finish off the Suzuka Grey exterior the side markers have been removed and smoothed and painted in the factory paint to get rid of those orange and red slivers that reside on the fenders.


OEM Pssshhh. Bagged MK7 Golf R.

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When it comes to air ride there are a few key things to think about. Do you go with a pressure based or height based levelling system? Do you do an exposed trunk setup with hardlines, or do you hide the install? Do you daily drive your car, or is it just for show?

When we were tasked with bagging this MK7 Golf R, functionality was the main concern. We decided to keep everything hidden to retain 100% of the trunk space. This Golf R is equipped with Accuair e-Level management which utilizes height sensors to keep the car at your desired ride height no matter what's inside the car, and since the trunk is fully usable, that could be anything from hockey gear, to wet dogs.

Everything in the trunk mounts to a custom designed steel plate which is laser cut and bent to our specifications to house all of the components in one place. The system is now completely serviceable and removable as one piece if need be. The airlines are routed through factory grommets in the trunk and require zero holes drilled for install. Now this leased vehicle can go back to stock within hours and the air ride can be swapped into another vehicle.

If you're thinking about bagging your Audi or VW but want to have a fully functional trunk, come see us and we can get you set up.

I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch

You might recognize this RS5 from a while back when we did the complete Accuair B8 Sportkit air ride installation. This year, the owner decided to freshen things up with a new set of wheels. She decided to go with a darker finish to match the cars matte grey wrap. It’s amazing what a change in wheels can do to a car.

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RPI Equipped MK7 GTI

Following the trend of it's big brother (A7), our RPI GTI got the full air suspension and Rotiform treatment. Not wanting to burn a massive hole in the pockets, this car was built with budget in mind. The air suspension was a mix and match of HP Drivetech struts, which use modified Bilstein shocks, and AirLift V2 management with a single compressor and a 5 gallon tank hidden in the trunk.

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2016 Audi A7 – RPI Equipped!

Audi's facelift for the A7 is perfect. The new lines of the front bumper and the rear valance leave people wondering what they've just seen. The only way to improve on the shape of the A7 is to exaggerate it's big body by bringing it closer to the ground.

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A timeless classic.

For car enthusiasts there is a long list of cars that, given the chance, we have to have in our possession at least once. Then, things in life change and you no longer have the space/use/need for said car and you sell it. Every time the topic of cars comes up, you are reminded of "the one that got away". You know, the car that you sold, but wish you hadn't.

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On to the next one.

It's about that time again. When we part ways with a project car and open up the discussion of what to do next. No sooner had we posted our car for sale before the new owner stopped by to check it out and take it for a test drive. Usually when we sell one of our project cars, it is toned down for the new owner.

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The Ultimate Road Trip

It started about a week and a half ago. On a Wednesday afternoon. We got a call from our friends at Rotiform asking if we wanted to do the Targa Trophy MEGARUN from Denver, CO to Las Vegas, NV. Accuair was looking for a car to go down and do the run with them. The…
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